A Sudden and Revelatory Manifestation of the Divine Being!

About Nothemba


Qualifications and Credentials

Nothemba Nothembais a Certified Integral Coach through the Centre for Coaching (UCT Graduate School of Business) having completed both the Associate & Professional Coaching Courses.

She holds a Brain-Based Coaching certificate (Neuroleadership Group) and a Multiple Brain Integration Techniques certificate (mBIT International).
She holds a degree in Chemical Engineering (UCT), has a Masters in Business Leadership, MBL (SBL) as well as certificates in Management Development (UCT) and Brewing (Institute of Brewing & Distilling, UK).

Background and Experience

Nothemba began her career at South African Breweries holding various leadership and specialist positions in manufacturing, engineering and continuous improvement. She later joined AEL Mining Services as the Group Manufacturing Excellence Manager. After a 14-year long corporate career, Nothemba boldly pursued a deeply-held passion of empowering others to live life consciously, purposefully, and meaningfully through professional coaching.

Nothemba started her business Epiphany Coaching and Consulting in 2013 and  specialises in one-on-one executive, career, life and small business coaching and facilitates programmes in leadership, team effectiveness and continuous improvement. She is also an Associate Consultant with Legitimate Leadership Consulting - a leadership ethos anchored by legitimacy, trust, contribution and accountability.

Passions and Interests

My interactions with a diverse number of people, has certainly ignited my passion for empowering people to live more consciously, purposefully and meaningfully. And so my coaching, training and consulting work in firmly rooted in this passion of transforming individuals, teams and organisations.

Personal Testimony - My Coaching Experience

"When I first met with my coach Jacqui I had a sense my life would change drastically, and it certainly did! Our engagement started soon after I resigned from my job to stay home and take stock of my life. What was meant to be a 2 or 3 months' break from the corporate world, ended up with me starting my own coaching business - an idea I never thought was even a possibility for me! 

With Jacqui's amazing coaching skills, I am a transformed person! I am in awe of the extraordinary life changes that have occurred in a short space of time. I feel liberated, unleashed, unchained and uninhibitedThis is all because Jacqui created a very safe and supportive environment to find my true self and as such my life purpose! She remained absolutely present and fully engaged in my discovery journey. A true professional! It has been a spiritual encounter that will remain sacred in my journey of life.

I now fully understand her mantra of Purpose, Passion, and Possibility!" 

 ~ Nothemba Mxenge ~