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TestimonialsWhat Clients have to say about my services


Sethabile, Midrand 


“My coaching expectations were absolutely met and beyond. This was a very captivating experience where each session lived to its own fulfilment and created the pull for the next session. Really awesome!


Through Nothemba’s coaching I have learnt that focusing on a goal and a milestones is key and that if I see an achievement in my mind, then create with my mouth through daily devotion, it’s going to materialise.


The major contribution that Nothemba’s coaching made to my life are firstly, stretching of thinking - I have learnt now that the brain capacity to stretch is potentially a million light years into space. Secondly, the facilitation of the connections in my mind - this was a major contribution.


Thirdly, the time spent, the patience, the answers to many questions, the explanations, the insights, the authenticity.


Completion of this coaching journey is a significant achievement for me. I’ll celebrate by taking time off for reflection of the journey taken. I’ll also be telling more people about it, the more people can be helped to grow and reach their full potential, the more of a celebration that will be for me.”



Edward, Kempton Park


“Through Nothemba Mxenge's coaching I learnt that I see myself more negatively than I do positively. This came through clearly through the inability to complete a self-acknowledgement exercise - my mind kept drifting onto negative stuff I hate or did not do well in my life. I learnt that I do a lot of self-sabotage where I eventually kill my own ideas in my head and as such my creativity. I also learnt that sometimes, I can even see the sabotaging thinking and action,  but still find it easy to go back into the norm.


I realised there are parts of my life I still struggle to confront and talk about and talking about these stirred emotions and it felt very uncomfortable, but I eventually sat down and confronted the subject of Me - I have been avoiding for a long time. 


In now knowing the importance of one’s job in one’s life (I’ve always avoided confronting this subject),  I have taken a decision to do something about my work life and career - I feel was bold.


I am excited about starting this coaching journey and staying on until the end even though it was difficult at times. I have identified what I would really like to do with my life from hereon and aligning that with my life interest.


In the coaching series, my greatest breakthrough was the realisation that I have been allowing this to happen to me for far too long in my life and I do not have to be doing this to myself. I also realised how this impacts everything I do and eventually my whole life. I now appreciate myself more, I am not afraid to confront what appears to be dark side of my life and to “speak-out” about them.


My coaching expectations were met, Nothemba listened to me and assisted me to unpack my inner and deeper self through a style of questioning that  forced me to dig deep in my “soul” or thoughts to respond to.


In the end this was a worth-while self-exploration journey I would not have done on my own.


Nothemba’s approach and conduct during the sessions has been professional."


Linnea, Centurion

“Although I was not sure what to expect or how a life coaching process works I found working with Nothemba an extremely fulfilling and liberating experience.  Nothemba helped me to get to the root cause of some of my perceptions and fears.  The process, at times, was challenging, but taught me a great deal about myself.  Understanding why I respond to situations the way I do was enlightening.  Also, understanding that I didn’t need to change who I am to make others happy, but rather that I needed to grow into a well-rounded person to fulfil my role in life was liberating. 

All this was achieved through Nothemba’s amazing ability to listen and empathise whilst getting me to answer some pretty deep and difficult questions.  Nothemba helped me through a tough and challenging process that has given me a greater understanding of myself and the world around me.”


Itumeleng, Modderfontein


“Nothemba Mxenge is a very good listener, she is courageous and she has done a good job in my life. She helped me how to look at things differently and to approach things differently before reacting.

Through Nothemba’s coaching I learnt self-control, to trust people and share more with them as well as to be financially disciplined.

I am excited about sticking to my goals, the work that I have put to achieve goals and the courage to deal with a difficult conversation.

I am happy I accepted her coaching invitation.”

Benjamin, Pretoria 

"Working with Nothemba on coaching has opened my eyes and helped me realise the treasure of the potential I possess,  but lying dormant and not released in the right space, at the right time. You do not know what you have until you discover it, coaching helps you to discover the best in you."