A Sudden and Revelatory Manifestation of the Divine Being!

Team Facilitation |  Group Coaching Workshops | Training Programmes


Nothemba runs workshops that aim to use the power and the wisdom of the group to facilitate personal change, growth and development.
  • Team Development - a customised programme aimed at facilitating improved team dynamics through effective communication and productive engagements
  • Living the Possible Dream – a interactive workshop where participants are guided though a journey of identifying and dealing with obstacles and challenges that hold them back, gaining a heightened level of self-awareness, developing and setting goals, holding themselves accountable and maintaining forward momentum
  • Women in Leadership – a programme that supports women to step up into their leadership space in business, communities and at home by facilitating a series of interventions
  • Unleash Your Inner Power – an intimate coaching space focusing on deepening self-awareness, developing personal goals and creating accountability processes – all the while benefiting from the group’s infinite wisdom.
  • Courageous Men in Conversation  – a safe and engaging space for men to speak courageously about challenges they face in their personal and professional lives
  • Personal & Professional Branding – a workshop that facilitates alignment of one’s personal brand i.e. personal mastery or development to a professional brand appropriate to the workplace by using various personality assessment tools / techniques
  • The Thickness Experience - shines the light on self-esteem, self-confidence and body image issues with the aim to inspire delegates to pay attention to the inner being that is reflected  through the outer self


~ Finding Work Life Balance by de-cluttering your Life
~ The Power of Journaling
~ Dealing with F.E.A.R.

WCM Facilitation

Nothemba is an experienced practitioner in World Class Manufacturing (WCM) tools, techniques and methodologies and have successfully designed, implemented and sustained WCM deployment strategies. She has expertise in WCM facilitation, training and change management.  

She facilitates workshops and training programmes on the following topic of World Class Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing and / or Continuous Improvement

  • Organised Workplaces (5S principles)
  • Visual Performance Management
  • Focused Productivity Improvement
  • Performance Management – team and individuals
  • Team Dynamics and Team Building
  • Team Leadership Development – shop floor essentials

Techniques and Tools

For effective training and facilitation, I draw from my varied experiences, exposure and techniques: focus group, shadow work, exploratory questioning, appreciative enquiry, active listening, brain-storming, energisers, etc.  

I have exposure to the Enneagram and Insights® Discovery programme (Jungian Archetypes) which I personally found to be quite transformational in one-on-one engagements and group facilitation. 

I have implemented and trained (in-house) on the Mission Directed Work Teams® (MDW) Programme by Competitive Dynamics International (CDI) for last 10 years. I found their methodology quite impactful for team effectiveness coaching.


As a Deloitte Associate Facilitator, I am a certified Development Dimensions International (DDI) Target Selection® Trainer.